Launch, Tap, Done. Introducing the Chalkable Attendance App


We’re pleased to announce the launch of Chalkable’s first app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and mobile web.


The Chalkable Attendance app is the easiest and fastest way to take attendance in your classroom as a teacher, or administrator.


Use Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry? We’ve got you covered. We built the app in HTML5, just for you. Learn more in our technical post (coming soon).


To take attendance, sign in with the same login you use for Just launch, tap, done.


Try it out in your school today!

Chalkable Attendance - Apple App Store

Chalkable Attendance - HTML5 Web App

The Chalkable Developer Portal.

Say hello to the Chalkable Developer Portal

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Chalkable Developer Portal, making it even easier for developers to get paid, one app at a time.  

The Chalkable App Store already solves the biggest headache in the K-12 market: selling to schools.  We get you paid by selling your educational tools/content in our integrated app store.  Now, building your app just got ridiculously easy with our Developer Portal.  

On the most advanced app platform for schools, every user is a paying user- ready to buy your amazing app.  Can you say “incredible ROI?”

Say Hello to the Chalkable Developer Portal.

What makes it the most advanced app platform for schools?

  • API for school data.
  • Standardized integration throughout the platform.
  • App Store for distribution & marketing.
  • Sandbox to build and test your app.
  • Simple, easy to use documentation
  • Interactive API explorer
  • Live help for any questions about development
  • Collect payments.
  • Measure App engagement.  

Ready to say “goodbye” to 12 month sales cycles?  Signup here

We’re enhancing the documentation and updating the dev portal every day, but feel free to provide feedback.