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10 Digital Tools to Start Using in Your Classroom Right Now

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on November 15, 2016

You want the highest level learning experiences for your students. But, it can be hard to achieve that while having to test out hundreds of tools that work best for YOUR classroom.

We’ve done the testing for you. Below is a list of our favorite tools (in no particular order) that you can start using in your classroom right now to enhance your students’ learning experiences.


  1. Learning Earnings
    This free incentive and positive reinforcement platform supports teachers and motivates students by rewarding them with fun prizes to reinforce good behavior. It can be used on the desktop or mobile.

  2. OpenEd
    This extensive resource library has standards-aligned K-12 videos and games tailored for each student based on assessment results. It can be integrated seamlessly with many educational apps or queried on its on browser page.

  3. PowerSchool Learning
    This powerful LMS revolves around YOUR content. Create, share, and collaborate with teachers across the school to organize classroom pages, embed content from YouTube, or design your class, page, or content blocks to share with any other user.

  4. Podcasting Tools
    Tools like SoundCloud and Voice Recorder allow teachers and students to create podcasts on devices (such as Chromebooks) to become more engaged in coursework. Test it out with these ideas!

  5. Kahoot
    This classroom tool allows you to create, play, and share learning games across a variety of subjects for all ages. And it is all for free!

  6. Nearpod
    This free online collaboration tool allows teachers to create or download interactive multimedia presentations, to have students interact and submit responses through any device, and a way to monitor and measure it all.

  7. Educreations
    Capture your students attention with video! Record, share, and replay anytime with this simple-to-use tool that can easily be stored in Dropbox or Google Drive.

  8. AnswerGarden
    This fun word cloud generator promotes student creativity, brainstorming, and focus. The more a word is repeated, the larger it appears, this can identify commonalities visually for classroom discussions.

  9. Padlet
    Text, videos, images, oh my! Padlet has got it all when it comes to a platform for teachers to collaborate, share, and engage their students.

  10. Animoto
    Let students in on the digital tool fun with this simple video creator. Creating 30-second videos has never been easier to do. Ask students to demonstrate what they learned from any lesson to put it to the test!

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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