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100 Unique and Free Ideas for Rewards in the Classroom

Posted by Amy Daly on April 20, 2016
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Teachers are often looking for ways to use positive reinforcement in the classroom to keep their students motivated, focused, and teach them the valuable lesson of goal setting and achievement. They don’t however have the budget to pay for the tools to manage these effective programs, and often times are left using their own money for the actual rewards they hand out to their students.

Most teachers use a free positive behavior management tool in the classroom, like Learning Earnings to keep track of point distribution, and set goals for students. When they hit a certain level of points, they win a reward. Learning Earnings is also helpful to keep track of total class points, so you can encourage an entire class to work together towards parties, and larger rewards.


We recently took a poll of over 500 teachers in various states that are effectively using positive reinforcement in their classrooms and asked them what types of free rewards they find to be the most effective for their students. We got some really creative answers, such as “pick the pizza toppings for the next pizza party," “draw on the class mural," and “bring a teacher to dodgeball," and thought it would be great to share a full list of these ideas with you.

Below are a sampling of some ideas, but we've made all 100 available on a downloadable PDF so that it’s easy to refer to throughout the year when your students need some fresh rewards!

  1. A pass to sit next to their friend in class
  2. Be the principal for a day
  3. Sit in the teacher's chair for one full class
  4. Pick a teacher to bring to dodgeball
  5. Certificates of Achievement
  6. Call home to parents with praise
  7. Choose a class activity out of a hat
  8. Pick your seat in class for 1 week
  9. Be the coach for a day in gym class
  10. Drawing time for one full class

Download 100 Unique Rewards Poster

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Amy Daly

Written by Amy Daly

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