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15 Education Apps to Download for Next School Year

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on June 14, 2016

As the school year winds down, it is a good time to reflect on the past year and make decisions about how you would like to improve your strategy for the 2016-2017 school year.

One of the biggest points to consider is what tools you'll be using in your classroom. The tools you decide to introduce to your students can make the difference in executing a successful lesson. Below we have listed 15 education apps that are Chalkable, standards, and teacher-approved.

Browse the different categories and make notes on the educational apps you want to download for the next school year!

Lesson Collaboration and Content Sharing

  • Dropbox
    Over 4,000 educational institutions worldwide use this cloud-based collaboration network. While these institutions have adopted Dropbox campus-wide, this platform is a free resource in which teachers can individually access and share files anytime and anywhere to quickly prepare their lessons and share content with students as necessary.

  • Google Drive
    Saving lesson plans, worksheets, projects, and more in Google Drive allows you to access and share your materials from any device. It eliminates the hassle of adding attachments or merging different versions with quick and easy collaboration tools right inside.

Teacher Resources for Lessons and Projects

  • NextLesson
    This app provides over 100 free real-world lessons and projects that are guaranteed to be aligned with Common Core. With simple collaboration and task management tools for students, it is an easy pick for teachers to use when lesson planning.

  • Khan Academy
    This open-source educational website and app allows students and teachers to watch more than 4,300 videos on math, science, economics, and humanities. The best part is that you can either stream videos or download them for later when you may not have internet connection.

  • Google Books
    The Google Books search function will show results of books containing a match for any of your search terms, making it a great resource to find books related to the topics you plan to cover in your classrooms. The app is available through Google Play.

  • OpenEd
    This content resource library is a haven for any teacher, student, or administrator. With access to online videos, games, assessments, and homework, an educator can find the best resources to engage students in any state for any standard or subject.

  • YouTube
    This streaming app is known for its infinite supply of video on any subject. However, it may not be known just how much educational content can be found as well. Great features for teachers include “Watch Later” and playlists which can make creating engaging lesson plans a breeze.

Language Apps

  • Duolingo
    For teachers and students interested in learning a new language, Duolingo is a perfect app to assist in learning 10 languages. With interesting characters, pops of color, and an intriguing game to get you through the different levels of learning, this app is perfect for many age levels.

  • Tagul
    Improve a basic class presentation, help visualize a vocabulary lesson, or add the final touch to a project, using the free word cloud app Tagul. We love how you can make each cloud unique with the large selection of fonts and colors!

Math Apps

  • MathBoard
    If you want to help your K12 students with their math skills, try testing out MathBoard. This app allows you to control the range of numbers you want to work with, the amount of questions you want to answer, and length of time allowed per quiz. Drawing straight in the app also helps to make it interactive and fun to use.

  • Desmos
    For a quick, beautiful, and free graphing calculator at the reach of your fingertips, look no further than the Desmos app. You’ll be able to plot graphs, create tables, animate your graphs, and more!

Interactive Student Apps

  • BrainPOP
    BrainPOP is an educational gaming app that keeps students engaged with an incredibly infectious cartoon character walking them through productive lessons. Animated movies, concept mapping, and interactive quizzes are a few of our favorite features.

  • Kahoot!
    Want to liven up your classroom discussions? Kahoot! will ask questions, quiz students, and conduct surveys to get even the most timid students participating. Multiple choice questions, videos, images, and diagrams can all be quickly accessed for a lively classroom experience. 
  • Blendspace
    Another great app to create, engage, and assess your students through fun interactive lessons using the digital content you have collected.

  • LearnZillion
    Find thousands of math and English lessons developed from Common Core State Standards to help you form your lesson plans for next year. You can track usage and download videos, slides, documents, or worksheets for offline use to take your classroom to the next level.

The best part about all of these apps are that they are free and integrate seamlessly for Chalkable Study Center users only.

Not sure about where to find these apps when using Chalkable?

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Written by Deanna Zaucha

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