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20 EdTech Facts Learned from Deloitte’s 2016 Digital Education Survey

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on October 06, 2016

On Tuesday, Deloitte released the 2016 Digital Education Survey, which analyzed over 2,800 responses from demographically diverse teachers, parents, and students. The survey dove into the way learning occurs inside and outside of the classroom.

“Technology is significantly impacting the way students learn and the way teachers conduct lessons. As education technology (edtech) becomes more sophisticated, more available, and more engaging, schools and parents are better equipped to adapt to the different ways students look to learn. Learning can now take place outside of the time and physical limitations of a typical school day."

- 2016 Digital Education Survey

The survey discovered many interesting facts about how technology plays an evolving role in education. Here are the most stimulating survey findings:

1. 42% of teachers say that at least one digital device is used every day in the classroom.

2. 75% of teachers believe digital learning content will replace printed textbooks within the next 10 years.

3. Students’ device preferences in classroom vary by age.

  • 53% of Grade K-2 prefer tablets, and 15% prefer laptops
  • 36% of Grade 3-5 prefer tablets, and 26% prefer laptops
  • Grade 6-8 equally prefer tablets (30%) to laptops (29%)
  • 27% of Grade 9-12 prefer laptops, and 25% prefer tablets


5. 90% of kids use digital learning materials at home.

6. 2/3 of kids start using digital learning materials at home by the age of 5.

7. 88% of parents and 84% of teachers are interested in having more at-home digital content available to supplement what’s being taught in school.

8. 75% of students are interested in spending time learning more about school-related subjects when they are not in school.

9. 74% of teachers believe technology provides learning opportunities outside of the classroom.


11. 64% of teachers believe technology makes a big difference in providing feedback to students when school is not in session.

12. 59% of teachers believe technology makes a big difference in encouraging students to collaborate even when they are not together.

13. 63% of teachers report that funding is lacking at the school/district level.


15. Parents are willing to ease time limitations on education-based digital activities if it includes watching videos (81%), using apps (80%), or playing video games (68%).

16. Students top three motivations for learning outside the classroom include having the chance to learn new things (40%), doing assignments that are fun (39%), or meeting parents’ expectations (34%).


18. 50% of students who played educational games during the summer did so because it was recommended by their teachers.

19. Parents trust advice on the best type of digital education materials for their child’s learning from teachers (72%), other parents (33%), and school or district administrators (32%).


Which of these stats surprised you? Which made you happy? Did any of them make you upset or angry?
Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Cover Photo Source: Deloitte

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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