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6 Stats on Why Schools Need to Be More Data-Driven

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on December 08, 2016

100 hours last summer were spent looking at annual school report cards put out by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The result was a new report from the Data Quality Campaign, which found that many states have outdated information, broken links, and many (many) numbers that have no meaning.

Here are the most concerning findings from the report:

1. 11 states had stale report cards with old data, from the 2010-11, 2012-13, or 2013-14 school years.


2. Only four states had all the information initially required under the previous federal education law, No Child Left Behind.


3. Six states did not seem to have data on English language learners’ academic performance

4. 13 states did not break their performance data down by gender.

5. Only about half of the states included a non-academic measure of quality.

4 (1).png
6. In 18 states, it took analysts three or more clicks from the search engine results to find the data.


Therefore, having a comprehensive SIS or LMS that can organize your student data can be infinitely useful in producing your school’s annual report card AND keeping it easy to understand for all researchers, administrators, and other important parties.

Interested in polishing up your school’s student data?

Produce Your Best State Data

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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