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Beyond Technology Investments: Creating True Digital Learning Solutions

Posted by Davis Brock on November 03, 2015
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At the end of the day, districts, schools and teachers are seeking comprehensive solutions to help them manage their classrooms, and improve the teaching and learning experiences that drive student achievement. Yet frequently, educators are besieged by stand-alone products they don’t know how to use and aren’t comfortable integrating into their lessons and teaching. As a result, investments are wasted, as is the potential to influence student learning and success.

We have had the opportunity to meet and speak to educators across the country, and it’s clear there is frustration around the “pieces and parts” approach to digital learning.


Districts and schools often find out after they’ve made the purchase that there is no integration with their existing products and services. The lack of alignment to analytics and reporting tools make it hard to show that the products are helping students achieve required standards. Teachers often aren’t provided with the training, support and the insight to truly maximize the potential of their digital assets and as a result, do not commit to incorporating technology investments into day-to-day teaching and learning.

Chalkable takes a very different approach with our offerings that eliminate these concerns. Rather than focusing on various, individual and separate products and services, we create comprehensive digital solutions that connect critical capabilities and drive measurable results in learning and student achievement. By delivering a complete digital learning solution, we take the guesswork out of how the offerings work, how everything ties together, whether or not the tools are working, and how to directly use the digital capabilities to help students learn and succeed.

Personalized Learning for Students

At the core of digital learning must be its ability to drive student success. From ensuring that students are meeting state and federal standards, to tracking progress and achievement, to seeing who may need some extra attention (and why), it can seem impossible for teachers who lack a comprehensive digital learning solution to easily get a complete picture.

One of the exciting things about how Chalkable has evolved its solutions is that everything ties together – digital teaching and learning applications, classroom management tools, a learning management system, and the SIS. Teachers truly understand not only how their classroom is performing as a whole, but also how each individual student is progressing. Because everything feeds directly into the SIS, administrators can quickly and easily see how each student, classroom and school is performing against specific standards. They can even compare how the use of different programs and applications in different classrooms effect student achievement overall.

With this insight, teachers can easily take advantage of the vast opportunities that digital learning provides and easily deliver personalized, individual learning paths for students. Teachers are able to step away from the ineffective, “one size fits all” instruction mindset of the past to charting specific learning tracks tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Chalkable’s digital learning solution integrates third-party apps that are educator vetted and aligned to state and national content standards. In addition, our learning solution contains an assessment platform and includes over 35,000 test items aligned that are to common core and state specific education standards. This helps teachers personalize instruction, find and share resources and access district-wide curriculum. Teachers can create quizzes and tests right through the platform – for the entire classroom, a group of students or even one specific student – that will auto-grade and put each student’s results right into grade book. Students can take learning into their own hands and take auto-generated mini-quizzes that will recommend content based on state and national standards.

In addition, our digital learning solution empowers students to proactively seek out help and additional knowledge through the platform. Their progress and activities are tracked through the SIS so the teacher has an up-to-the-minute record of each student’s progress and can evaluate homework, assessment outcomes, and performance. Tying everything together means students are getting what they need, when they need it – with clear analytics on their results.

Professional Training and Development

At Chalkable, we also prioritize professional development of educators to ensure they understand how their digital solutions can transform classroom management and drive student achievement. As technology is infused throughout classrooms, it frequently requires teachers to change their pedagogy in order to be able to most effectively use digital teaching tools with students. But without the training and understanding of where and how the digital tools fit in, teachers are reluctant to step outside their comfort zone (and may or may not know what it will take to succeed).

In order to maximize the benefits of education technology investments, professional development is a core part of our digital learning solution. Our specialists partner with schools and teachers to demonstrate how to effectively use technology in the classroom, from curriculum development and lesson plans, to personalized learning assignments, to analyzing reports and other data. So teachers may fully embrace the pedagogical change of delivering digital classroom and learning experiences, Chalkable provides ongoing feedback on instruction including instructional design, delivery, content, standards and technology integration.

Education technology is more than the next product or service that promises to “revolutionize” education. It must be about understanding the process, the opportunities, the pedagogy and the results. That’s the approach we’re taking at Chalkable, and we’re excited to see how our digital learning solutions continue to transform student achievement.

For more about how this might benefit your school or district, speak with one of our experts.

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Davis Brock

Written by Davis Brock

After eighteen years in public education as a teacher, staff developer and director of technology, Davis began a career in the private sector in 2009. As the Vice-President of Chalkable’s Student Achievement Solutions, Davis oversees the the definition and productization of Chalkable’s products and services by connecting curriculum, technology and innovation and provides professional development to schools and districts. In his personal time, you can usually find him with his wife and two boys at the baseball field.