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Chalkable Announcements: Get Certified with Chalkable University!

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on August 16, 2016

Did you know that you can now join over 1,000 principals, teachers, and tech coordinators who have enrolled in Chalkable University for free?!


What is Chalkable University?

A free online platform for Chalkable users to learn, engage, and share tips about all Chalkable products.

Using our own learning management system, Study Center, we have launched courses and assessments about our products to help guide your school users and assist them in mastering each feature.

Chalkable University “students” will be able to watch videos that will train them how to make the most of Chalkable products, take assessments on what they have learned, and earn certifications for those products in a timeframe that is convenient for them!

Why did we create Chalkable University?

We listened to our users!

Chalkable users communicated they wanted a place where they could access content to train on features of our products.

With the self-assessment tool at the end of the videos, users can quiz themselves on what they have learned. If they pass the will receive a certificate of completion. If they do not pass, they have the opportunity to watch the content again and reassess.

With every video a user watches, the more confidence they will have to log into their Chalkable accounts and practice what they have learned when they get back to school!

Who should enroll in Chalkable University?

All Chalkable users should enroll in Chalkable University particularly if they would like to improve student engagement, improve their use of technology in the classroom, and are interested in becoming a valued resource for technology leadership in their school.

Teachers who complete training and the assessment will not only earn a Certificate of Completion, but they will discover a new level of information about their students to enrich their lesson plans and classroom management.

School tech coordinators who complete this training will know when to refer teachers to Chalkable University. Throughout the school year, coordinators are flooded with questions about their school’s SIS, LMS, and more. Chalkable University can help minimize the frequency of these questions and be a great resource for teachers who may have missed their school’s initial training.

Principals who complete this training will be supporting their teachers in learning their school technology to enhance student achievement. Chalkable University is a great resource to reinforce the professional development training given in the beginning of the year.

Principals who encourage teachers to enroll in Chalkable University to earn their certifications have the chance to win a free breakfast or lunch for up to 50 teachers and staff, AND a free Apple Watch®!

Learn more about this contest >>

How to sign up for Chalkable University?

Visit to fill out one simple form and in less than a week you will receive an email with your login instructions for your Chalkable University account!

When you log in to Chalkable University, your Feed will list all of your assignments with the ability to toggle between classes (different Chalkable products).


After you click on an assignment, you will see the required tasks and the tutorial video needed to master each feature. Remember to log into your Chalkable account to practice what you have learned!


Once all tasks are completed, and you have practiced what you have learned, it is time to assess! Results will be delivered about a week after completion.


Currently, users can get certified in Chalkable Classroom. Coming soon:

Fall 2016 – Study Center

Winter 2016 – Learning Earnings

As we add more features for assessment in Chalkable University, we want to hear from you! By the end of the school year, we hope our teachers will have a place to share how they are using Chalkable products with their peers to exchange best practices with each other.

Excited about earning your certification?

Enroll Now

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

Deanna Zaucha is the Content Marketing Specialist at Chalkable, and also manages their social media presence. In her free time, she can be found on the dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with the latest trends in education, marketing, and technology. Read more from Deanna on Twitter.