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Chalkable Announcements: Learning Earnings Now Has a Mobile App!

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on August 25, 2016

Students of all ages in K-12 classrooms have seen the impressive results of their teachers and schools introducing positive student behavior programs.

With the success that Chalkable has seen in both Mississippi and Alabama, we wanted to make our achievement program, Learning Earnings, even more accessible to schools, teachers, and students by going mobile!

Learning Earnings is an incentive program committed to supporting teachers and motivating students. The prizes administered through the program encourage good student behavior; and our user-friendly platform allows students, teachers, and parents to see those real-time results.

The ease-of-use of the Learning Earnings platform is also reflected in the mobile apps. There are two apps now available in the iTunes and Google Play stores: (1) Chalkable Learning Earnings (LE) Teachers App (iTunes) (Google Play) (2) Chalkable Learning Earnings (LE) Student App (iTunes) (Google Play).

Here is a sneak peek to what you will see from both!

LE Teachers App Features

  1. Teachers can quickly create positive student behavior rewards

    If an idea hits while observing their classroom, or brainstorming at home, teachers now have an easy way to create new rewards for their students. All it takes is a quick pick of a category to promptly set up a new way to motivate students to behave well in the classroom.


  2. Teachers can administer credits for rewards to individual students or a group of students

    If an educator sees positive behavior in the hallway, cafeteria, gymnasium, or anywhere on campus, they now have an effortless way to distribute credits for that behavior. Click on a class, or use the search function to find a student, and you are on your way to making those students’ day!


  1. Teacher and student information is automatically synced with iNOW

    For teachers in schools already using Chalkable’s iNOW student information system, there is no need to set up a new account or password. Learning Earnings and iNOW can be thought of as one system. Students are automatically uploaded into teacher’s classes, and are ready to use the app anytime and anywhere.

    For teachers not in schools using iNOW, can still create classes and upload students in the LE portal. The data will then be available in the LE apps for both teachers and students.


LE Student App Features

  1. Students can easily redeem and deposit credits for rewards

    When students receive credits from teachers, they will see their account grow. When they reach the appropriate amount of credits for the reward they desire, they can deposit those credits through the app to alert their teacher they are ready to accept their reward!


  1. Students will learn life skills managing and transferring credits in checking and savings balances

    As teachers dispense credits into students’ savings accounts, they will gain experience in financial management skills. The LE savings account even pays interest to encourage students to keep saving and work to achieve a long-range goal (bigger rewards).


  1. Students can bid on rewards through auctions set up by the teacher or administrator

    To foster community between other students, there is an auction option in the student’s LE app. They work hard for their rewards, so the auction function adds even more fun to the experience.


To see how easy the app can work to improve the culture in your school, sign up for your own Learning Earnings account!

Download LE Mobile App - iTunes

Download LE Mobile App - Google Play

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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