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Chalkable Customer Success Stories: LaFayette County Schools and Learning Earnings

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on April 13, 2016

Welcome to the first edition of Chalkable Customer Success Stories! This series will feature exceptional school districts and individual schools that have exceeded expectations when utilizing Chalkable tools to improve their schools’ learning process.

In today’s Customer Success Story, we would like to highlight LaFayette County Schools in Mississippi. With four schools for students in pre-K through grade 12, the LaFayette district provides “supplies, materials, and support services to ensure the understanding and mastery of educational objectives.”

The most recent educational objective for Mississippi schools includes improving the state’s effort in behavior management by creating a more positive school climate. According to the Mississippi Department of Education,

“Creating a positive school climate requires the promotion of programs that clarify and communicate positive behavior through consistent enforcement of school rules. Proactive and positive school-wide discipline systems create environments in which learning and teaching are valued, aggressive and unsafe behavior are discouraged and respect responsibility, cooperation and other highly valued character traits are taught and encouraged."

Therefore, LaFayette introduced Chalkable’s Learning Earnings. Learning Earnings is an incentive and positive reinforcement platform which motivates students to reach educational and behavioral goals by earning rewards. In just the first two grading periods of introducing Learning Earnings, LaFayette students, teachers, and parents saw real-time results of their goals and expectations.

One of the biggest impacts LaFayette schools saw was an increase in student attendance. As most educators know, attendance often falls into a pattern throughout the school year. In the first grading period, students and teachers are excited about school again resulting in high attendance at the beginning of the year. However, as the year continues attendance begins to wane as students become increasingly less motivated by more rigorous coursework, and upcoming vacation days during Christmas or Spring Break. However, for teachers at LaFayette County Schools using Learning Earnings this trend shifted.

For Learning Earnings participants, LaFayette schools saw a 39.5% reduction in unexcused absences in grading period one, and a 44.3% further reduction in unexcused absences in grading period two as opposed to non-users. This meant that students at LaFayette schools had 1.36 extra days of instruction time in the first grading period and 3.2 extra days in the second. More days of instruction mean more students are spending more days in school to increase their likelihood of graduating.

While half the battle of improving school culture is to have the students in school, the effective implementation of Learning Earnings was able to also encourage less disruptive behavior and fewer disciplinary infractions at LaFayette schools. By instituting this program in the 2015-2016 school year, LaFayette schools saw a 51% reduction in reported disciplinary infractions from last year’s first grading period, and a further decrease of 28% from last year’s grading period two. With decreasing and preventing suspension and expulsion as one of Mississippi Department of Education’s top priorities, Chalkable was happy to provide an effective system for teachers to incentivize students to model good behavior in all of LaFayette’s schools.

When you take both attendance and discipline in account, the overall grades of students at LaFayette schools also improved. With 1.36 extra days of instruction and 51% fewer disciplinary infractions, there was a 24.5% reduction in failing grades in the first grading period. And with 3.2 extra days of instruction in the second grading period with 28% fewer disciplinary infractions, there was a 17% reduction in failing grades as well.

With these first half of the year results, it is evident that LaFayette County Schools are paving the way for student success with a more positive school culture. We are currently tabulating the results seen in grading period three, and look forward to see how the county continues to succeed the rest of the year. We can’t wait to report back with even more positive outcomes at the end of the year.

To learn more about LaFayette County Schools and continue to watch their students improve, follow them on Twitter and their website to get all their news and announcements.

Chalkable Customer Success Stories - LaFayette

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