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How to Improve School Culture with Positive Reinforcement

Posted by Sarah Renner-Pugh on December 13, 2016
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Research shows that improving school culture can close achievement gaps and improve attendance and graduation rates. Former principal Kyle Wagner shared five effective strategies for strengthening school culture on Edutopia.

We wanted to expand on his strategies to showcase how positive behavior reinforcement programs, such as the Learning Earnings Achievement Program, can motivate students and staff, and enhance school culture initiatives.

1. Plan a Bridge Program for New Students and Staff

Immerse new students and staff in your community with a dedicated orientation program.

A Learning Earnings orientation that highlights the rewards students can earn builds excitement to get started. New teachers also appreciate an orientation on how the program works and how it fits into larger, school-wide goals.

2. Make School-Wide Goals Visible

Ensure that the entire school community has a shared purpose and vision for the future.

Incorporate Learning Earnings by aligning school-wide rewards with specific goals. Host awards ceremonies to recognize student achievement and announce progress toward the school’s goals.

3. Keep a Loyal Opposition

Meet regularly with naysayers to hear their concerns and critiques about new initiatives.

Some staff members may be resistant to embracing a new school-wide program. Convening naysayers with proponents can help showcase the positive impact of the program.

4. Establish Collaborative Networks

Bringing in external consultants and partners can help overcome obstacles to your school goals.

Chalkable coaches meet with school administrators to review Learning Earnings data, provide recommendations, and keep you on track to meet those goals.

5. Hold School-Wide Rallies and Assemblies

Frequent celebrations to highlight achievement and emphasize school rules can build school spirit and unity.

Incorporate awards ceremonies that recognize student achievement and rewards into planned assemblies and rallies. When the school is all gathered, promote progress toward school-wide goals.

The Learning Earnings Achievement Program can improve school culture at your school or district. Read about the positive benefits LaFayette County Schools in Mississippi saw after implementing the program.

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Sarah Renner-Pugh

Written by Sarah Renner-Pugh

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