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Infographic: 8 Strategies to Get Your Principal to Say Yes

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on July 21, 2016

Getting buy-in from your principals is not always easy. So who better to give advice on how to get buy in than a principal?

Jason Levy, a former New York City School principal, gave an insider’s look on how to get your new strategy and technology ideas approved, in his presentation at the annual EdXEdNYC.

Jason-Levy-EdXEdNYC.pngImage Source: The Innovative Educator

Lisa Nielsen, The Innovative Educator, summarized the key strategies and we turned them into an awesome infographic that you can see below.


Here’s a bit more detail about the strategies:

  1. Know Thy Self
    What’s your track record at your school? Are you well-known for having a particular teaching specialty? Use this reputation to your advantage when presenting to your principal that you need the new technology to execute your specialty more effectively.

  2. Know Thy Principal
    Understanding your principal’s personality can put you ahead of the curve when trying to get their buy-in. Levy suggests taking a Myers Briggs test as though you were your principal to learn what presentation strategies will stick.

  3. Know Thy Priorities
    What is your principal most passionate about? Does that align with your offering? Could you tie them into it? Tailoring your presentation to what they know and care about can get you that much closer to reaching your goal.

  4. Know Thy Influencers
    Principals don’t act alone. Who else would need to approve this idea to move it forward? Make sure your idea can be spun to identify with all of these people before you present.

  5. Know Thy Politics
    Education politics are inevitable. Understand which issues your principal is operating under and position your idea to support these pressures they are facing.

  6. Know Thy Resources
    The four resources needed for any project are money, time, space, and people. Be sure to account for each.

  7. Know Thy Timing
    To ensure your idea is well-received, figure out the best time to talk to your principal when there will be minimal distractions. Do they come in early? Stay late? When would they be most open to sitting down and hearing your pitch?

  8. Know Thy Pitch
    Come in confident and prepared. Show that you have thought through your idea and are ready to move forward when they are. Levy suggests that bringing a one-page proposal for them to refer to during your pitch will make it the most effective.

If you need this graphic on display for extra motivation when you’re formulating how to approach your principal…

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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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