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INFOGRAPHIC: 9 Essential Digital Skills for 21st Century Teachers

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on October 20, 2016

While digital does so much to improve a student's opportunity to learn, it also places an indirect pressure on teachers to keep up with rapidly advancing technologies.

Luckily, Educational Technolgy and Mobile Learning has provided several resources to enhance the nine digital skills essential to 21st Century teachers' success.

1. Record and edit audio clips with the following tools:

2. Create annotated, interactive, and engaging video content with the following:

3. Create visually engaging content using:

4. Use social networking sites to create PLNs, discover new content, and grow professionally:

5. Use blogs and wikis to create participatory spaces for students:

6. Use social bookmarking websites to curate and share resources with your class:

7. Create engaging presentations with:

8. Create digital portfolios using:

9. Create non-traditional quizzes utilizing:

Take a look at the infographic we created to summarize these essential skills:



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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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