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Infographic: Benefits of Learning Apps for Kids

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on September 27, 2016

Why are learning apps so important and exciting to use for students in the classroom?

Because of all the wonderful benefits they supply!

Lucky for you, Tutoring Expert created an infographic (shared on NerdGraph) that explains just what those benefits are:

  1. Round the clock availability
    Unlike schools, there are no time schedules when a child can access mobile apps. This means that if the app was integrated in instruction that day, students have the chance to keep practicing the same concepts at home!

  2. Effective utilization of leisure hours
    Learning apps are a great way for children to spend their free time. At home, during lunch, or after dinner, the learning never has to stop!

  3. Becoming tech-savvy
    Regular usage of mobile devices will make children confident while handling other similar tech tools and gadgets in the future. It also allows a way for students who are more shy to have a voice and participate in the classroom more.

  4. Learning by sharing
    Almost all mobile apps for kids come with integration and social networks allowing students to share what they are studying. It has the potential to build a stronger community in and out of the classroom.

  5. Fun and informal
    You can make homework exciting by using learning apps. And you can make class participation more interactive and engaging!

  6. Staying connected with teachers and guides
    Educational apps are not substitutes of classroom teaching, but enable them to stay connected. Teachers are not being replaced by apps, but should be empowered by them.

  7. Portability
    There are no space constraints on mobile learning methods. Students can use them wherever they might be.

AppBenefitInfographic.pngThis is part of an infographic shared. See full the infographic on NerdGraph.

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