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Infographic: Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs Cheat Sheet

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on December 06, 2016

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy is probably not a new concept for an innovative educator like you. This traditional teaching concept helps educators take their students through the traditional stages of classroom practices, behaviors, and actions to master new subjects.

But applying the concept to your lesson planning, rubric making, or other tasks, may be something that you are still struggling with in your own tech-savvy classroom.

Therefore, we have done our research to find you the best resource to help strategize applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to your digital classroom planning.

Global Digital Citizen has found that Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (a revised take on Bloom’s devised by educator Andrew Churches) is much more applicable to classrooms using technology. They have shared a brilliant infographic visualizing verbs that can be used from lower-order thinking skills (LOTS) to the higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).

This cheat sheet below will be sure to assist you in gathering ideas for applying this important concept for planning and assessment!

Get started now:


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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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