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Infographic: Classroom Organization Hacks

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on June 21, 2016

Over the summer teachers may have time off, but that doesn’t mean they will stop thinking about the next school year. They want to start collecting new apps, new classroom décor ideas, and other materials to make for a flawless fall term.

The fine folks over at put together an amazing infographic demonstrating some organization hacks that will really improve the average classroom. Here are some of our favorites from their list, and how to think about them if you run a technology-infused classroom:

  1. File folders in a dish rack
    This quick file folder fix is perfect for your desk. It will help separate documents for different classes, students, and even other paperwork needed for administration.

    TECH TIP: Try organizing your physical folders similarly to your digital folders you store on your computer. Chalkable Study Center has a file cabinet and gallery making it easy to share these between teachers and administrations. Organizing the physical and digital folders in the same way will help keep everything consistent.
  1. Display artwork or important notes with binder clips
    Standing binder clips up on a desk or bookshelf is an easy hack for showcasing important messages or artwork to your class.

    TECH TIP: Using this binder clip idea in conjunction with your positive behavior reinforcement program is a good way to promote participation in the classroom. Students may forget that they can add to their credits or cash them in for rewards, but displaying your kids’ progress or the top credit earner for the month could be the reminder they need!
  1. Sort notes and assignments in a shutter
    Hanging a window shutter with the slats facing up, gives you the opportunity to slide small papers in between the shutters for students to quickly pick up and check their grades.

    TECH TIP: Properly organizing your lessons in Chalkable Classroom will give students easy access to their course progress. Homework, assignments, and test grades will be perfectly organized by your lesson plans. And the bonus for teachers is that they can plan their lessons ahead and decide which tasks students can or cannot see.

Need more classroom organization ideas? See the infographic below.


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Deanna Zaucha

Written by Deanna Zaucha

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