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Power Digest: Project-Based Learning, Open Enrollment Policy, and Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on February 02, 2017

Top stories from the education technology industry over the last couple of weeks:

How to use PowerSchool Learning for Project-Based Learning


There is an incredible amount of options when it comes to using PowerSchool Learning tools and features for project-based learning (PBL) assignments. Whether you prefer to use WikiProjects or Discussion Forums, this guide will help give examples of how you can achieve PBL projects through PowerSchool Learning.

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Florida Joins National Trend with Statewide Open Enrollment Policy


Florida has joined a growing list of eighteen states that have mandatory policies requiring school districts to accept students from other districts and another 29 states with voluntary open enrollment policies. Proponents of this policy see open enrollment as a way to spur competition and accountability among schools and districts to offer a premium education.

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A Day in The Life of a Teacher Using Unified Classroom


Take a dive into what a normal day looks like for 7th-grade math teacher, Karen Smith, who uses PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom. From quickly answering parent questions on her iPad and taking attendance to having students access engaging content from their dedicated class page to entering positive behavior reward points for students who stood out during class, you’ll see how Smith’s day is enhanced by the use of Unified Classroom.

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Developing solutions targeting chronic absenteeism is a key strategic focus for Chalkable. The positive behavior rewards integrated in the Unified Classroom closely aligns with these goals. Take a look at the research we did with the Alabama State Department of Education:

Reducing Chronic Absenteeism with Positive Behavior Reinforcement


The use of Learning Earnings transformed school culture across Alabama. The result of a year-long study found students in the program had an 18% year-over-year decrease in student absence resulting in five and a half extra days of instruction.

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