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The Ultimate Teacher's Guide to Pinterest

Posted by Deanna Zaucha on August 02, 2016

We can't believe it is August already! The new school year is just around the corner, which means professional learning days, classroom preparation, and lesson planning are quickly approaching (or have already started)!

To make sure you are fully prepared for the upcoming year, we wanted to introduce you to a little-known social media website: Pinterest.

Pinterest is in the top five of professional development websites for teachers, and more than 500,000 educated-related ideas are pinned each day.

So whether you are completely new to Pinterest, or are an experienced pinner, we put together The Ultimate Teacher’s Guide to Pinterest to assist you in making the new school year your best one yet!

Let’s dive in:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board which allows users to pin images to that board. It is ultimately a social network of sharing ideas for a wide-variety of interests.

How does Pinterest work?

Users, or pinners, can create their own pin or repin one from someone else’s board to their own. You can create boards based on themes or topics of interest. This video describes it best!

How should teachers use Pinterest?

  • For Teaching Strategies
    Pinterest has a very powerful search function that can work similarly to Google. But because of its ability to save articles, divide them into categories, and do it all in a visual way, it is an awesome resource to search for lesson plans, unit plans, parent involvement strategies, and more.

  • For Finding New Apps, Books, or Blogs
    Whether you want to enhance your knowledge as an educator or find resources for your classroom, Pinterest is a good place to start. There are many professional learning blogs that can be found on Pinterest for later reading. You can even search for worksheets, educational apps, and more for specific class subjects, different grading levels, or even for Special Education students.

    Source: StudentSavvy

  • For Classroom Décor and Bulletin Boards
    The most pinned categories on Pinterest include DIY & Crafts and Décor. This means that your classroom will be the most stylish in the school this year if you look for posters, printables for your bulletin boards, and theme ideas on Pinterest.

Which Pinterest tips are best for teachers?

Insider Pinterest Organization Tips

  • Create boards when you have content
    Don’t feel like you need to make a board for the sake of having more boards. Fewer boards with more content isn’t a bad thing.

    TIP: Make your boards subject-specific. It will keep your boards easier to manage, and find the content you gather. If you keep it specific, you’ll end up having more boards than you imagined!
  • Install the Pinterest Browser Button
    As you browse the internet, you will most likely find great ideas you will want to remember for the upcoming school year.

    TIP: Don’t use the browser button while on a homepage. It will only take you to that website. Make sure you are on the exact article where you found the idea for an easy look-up later!

  • Write your own pin descriptions
    Whether you are repinning someone’s content or grabbing it from another website, adding your own unique pin description will help others learn why you wanted to add it to your own boards.

    TIP: This will also remind you why you added it to your board!

  • Don’t pin everything to your boards
    Remember that your Pinterest board is for organization and inspiration. Pin wisely.

    TIP: You can ‘like’ or comment on a pin if you aren’t sure if it is worth repinning to your board. You can go back to these pins to make the decision later.

  • If you pin something to the wrong board you can “copy” or “move” it
    Doing this is best explained in this video.

    TIP: You can also set up secret boards if you want to keep some pin-secrets to yourself!

Using Pinterest in the Classroom

  • Team Projects
    Get students working together by using Pinterest boards to collaborate on team projects.

  • Research Boards
    Assign a research project to students, but help get them started with what you have found on their research topic in a Pinterest board.

  • Art Gallery
    If you teach an art class or primary school students, upload their wonderful pieces of art to Pinterest (snap a picture on your phone or tablet to upload). You’ll show off to all your followers how great your students are!

    Source: Emma Schermoly

  • Class-Specific Boards
    If you teach multiple grades or multiple subjects, use Pinterest to help keep you organized.

Who should teachers follow on Pinterest?

We loved putting this guide together for hardworking teachers. If you need more tips and resources, Chalkable is also on Pinterest!

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Written by Deanna Zaucha

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